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Clinical Orthodontics

29 OTT 2018 @ 9:00

Clinical Orthodontics

28 OTT 2019 @ 9:00

Gli specialisti NYU Graduate

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NYU DAY 2018

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Guida alla corretta soluzione dei casi complessi implantoprotesici e orto-perio
Corso Avanzato
Speaker: Jeffrey McClendon

Integration of Smile Design and Occlusion into Everyday Practice: Bioesthetics and Cooperation between Prosto – Ortho – Implant Specialites
The clinician today is faced with a myriad of challenges as the uncertainity of our world moves at a dizzying pace. The notion of being a professional and being insulated to fluxuation in our politics and economy is a thing of the past. To be successful today we need to be able to hear and understand our patient needs and develop skills for successful outcomes and thus build a loyal following. The day will discuss creative thinking around aesthetic diagnosis, occlusion and splint, and bonded ceramics. Collaborative orthodontic and restorative efforts should integrate optimal form, fit, and function of the teeth and jaws, in the context of facial balance and harmony. The face is more than a sum of the quality and quantity of its parts: the face is the ultimate feature of the oralgnathic dental-facial system. A facially-driven treatment process that provides optimal forms in function unifies the team approach for each patient and the goal of the “Right Stuff”: the right teeth (unworn teeth), in the right place (coordinated arch forms), in the right timing (functional occlusion). The challenge of worn teeth, crowded arches, and skeletal imbalance requires that all members of the interdisciplinary team share similar goals and coordinate the sequencing of form solutions. Treatment of complex dental-facial problems depends on communication, successful timing and coordination of effective and integrated planning, and predictable goal-directed treatment. Simply, all team members must begin with same the end in mind for the occlusion and face, and visualize treatment goals for the same final outcome. Principles, guidelines, and treatment will be presented focusing on the form, fit and function of the teeth and jaw joints, as related to the face and airway. The role of splints in treatment including design and adjustment will be reviewed.

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Iscritti New York University Italian Graduates Association: GRATUITO
Non iscritti: € 250

Chairman // Responsabile Scientifico
Dott. Prof. Saverio Ravazzolo, Adjunct Associate Professor - New York University College of Dentistry NYU Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program - Italy Program Director Program

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Hotel Splendid La Torre

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